Fire Protection

Smoke kills! Most fatal home fires occur at night, while people are asleep. Poisonous gases and smoke from a fire can numb the senses in a very short time leaving you totally unaware that there is even a fire in your home. It’s a fact that death in a house fire is usually the result of the smoke, not the flames. Every home needs a device that can wake people up in time to escape from a fire. Of all the low-cost fire alarm devices you can buy, the Fire Service considers smoke detectors to be the most effective.

According to the accepted Standard on Household Fire Warning Equipment (NFPA 74), minimum protection requires smoke detectors outside each bedroom and on each additional story of the house. This includes the basement. For additional protection, the Fire Service recommends that you install detectors inside each bedroom, the dining room, furnace room, utility room and hallways.

Since we recommend that your family sleeps with bedrooms doors closed (to keep any potential smoke out), it may be wise to install detectors inside the bedrooms, especially if you are a smoker. Detectors are also recommended for kitchens, attics (finished or unfinished) and garages. Be sure you can hear detectors from each bedroom.

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